About Beyond Blind

Beyond Blind aims to disrupt common stereotypes about blindness in a fun and interactive video-based format, so that visitors to the site can have their questions about blindness answered in an engaging and non-threatening way.

Matt Lauterbach, creator of Beyond Blind, is powerfully drawn to imagining what it is like to see from another person’s point of view. As an educator and documentary filmmaker, his craft is one of interpretation and translation, attempting to make the experiences of others understandable.

This act of perspective taking is also involved when Matt describes theater performances for the blind. His task is to imagine and identify exactly what information someone who is blind would need in order to make sense of what is happening. What questions would they have while sitting in the audience, able to hear the dialogue but unable to clearly see the action? And if someone could whisper clarifying information to them, what would that be?

When we imagine another person’s visual world, we must be cautious: our imagination may not match the reality of that person’s experience. But the result is often a new openness to having our own assumptions questioned, perhaps even proven wrong. Beyond Blind is designed to help sighted people encounter common misconceptions about people with visual disabilities, and gain a more nuanced understanding of blindness.

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Beyond Blind is in beta phase, meaning we’re still working out the kinks, testing the interactive modules for classroom use, and raising money to improve, revamp, and expand the experience. Our plans include optimizing the site for visitors with disabilities, to ensure that the educational experience is fully accessible.

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Director/Producer/Editor Matt Lauterbach
Visual Designer Holle Andersen
Website Developer Arlen Parsa
User Researcher Tanya Treptow
Science Advisor Dr. Lawrence Kessler
Project Advisor Brad Lichtenstein
Script Consultant Philip Dawkins
Associate Producer Dinesh Sabu
Cinematographer Andrew Morgan
Location Sound Nick Nummerdor
Animator (Build an Eye) Dann Tincher
Animator (Blind Etiquette Game) Jenna Caravello
Consultant Heather Robbins
Transcriptionist Charlie Kessler
This project is supported by a grant from the Chicago Digital Media Production Fund, a project of The Voqal Fund administered by Chicago Filmmakers, and partially supported by an Individual Artist Program Grant from the City of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs & Special Events. This project partially supported by a grant from the Illinois Arts Council Agency, a state agency.